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Review - Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

:: Bad Credit Lender columnist : Leslie Collins - 5/2008

These lenders specialize in mortgage loans for borrowers with bad credit

** Why we use Alexa and BBB ratings - rating criteria

Spend on Life -

Loan Type : Mortgage, refinance
Bad Credit: OK
BBB rating: Satisfactory
Alexa Rank : 166,467
Online Since : 4/2003
Recommendation : Very High

Summary -

PROS: Active since 4/2003 - Offers consumers comparison shopping on mortgage loans. Satisfactory rating with Better Business Bureau. meets all BBB OnLine participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine trustmark. Solid security with VeriSign make this a good choice for bad credit borrowers.

Lower My Bills -

Loan Type : Mortgage, refinance
Bad Credit: OK
BBB rating:Satisfactory
Alexa Rank : 15,538
Online Since : 11/1998
Recommendation : Very High

Summary -

PROS: Active since 1998 - Strong Alexa ranking and average BBB rating makes this a safe bet for bad credit borrowers. is the one-stop destination that offers savings through relationships with more than 500 service providers across multiple categories, including home loans, credit cards, auto and health insurance, and long-distance and wireless services.
CONS: None

Credit and Debt -

Loan Type : Mortgage, Refinance
Bad Credit: OK
BBB rating: N/A
Alexa Rank : 962,984
Online Since : 2/2001
Recommendation : Not Enough Info

Summary -

PROS: 8 Year Track record - Extremely competetive refinance rates and loan programs - Special Low Interest Lenders for Bad and Poor Credit - Consolidate High Interest Debts - Special ARM and Interest Only Mortgages Available.
CONS: No BBB info. High Alexa ranking compared to industry competition.

Rating Criteria

It is important that websites involved in transfering your personal and critical information be secure and trustworthy.

Alexa ranking - reports how much traffic any and all websites receive once they are indexed. The number is not definitive yet it does reflect on how popular a website is - the lower the number the better.

For example "" has an Alexa ranking of "1" meaning it gets the most traffic of any site on the internet.

BBB rating - this is the rating by the "Better Business Bureau" which is the premiere consumer watchdog group. Any bad credit lender should at least hold a "Satisfactory" rating - meaning complaints are adequately addressed and the number of complaints is reasonable for this type of industry.

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